2018 Jun 14, The 15th NIIB Tournament


Posted: 14 June 2018
Author: Joelle Lim

NIIB Tournament

Niigata in the Inaka International Basketball Tournament


Today marked the 15th Edition of the NIIB Tournament! What is the NIIB tournament you ask? It is a friendly basketball tournament where teams from various prefectures get together to compete for a championship belt. The teams are made up of nationalities from all over the world such as Japan, the Americas, England, Europe, Africa, Philippines, Mongolia, and much more. The tournament started in one region of Tokamachi City called Matsunoyama as an effort to revitalize the area. We managed to get around 100 people to participate each tournament. Unfortunately, due to lack of courts, the tournament had to be moved to the Nakasato region where thankfully, it has continued to flourish.

I was especially anxious for this tournament because not only were we trying new things (in celebration of the 15th edition), it was also my last tournament as a Tokamachi CIR. To my surprise, my expectations were not only met but were exceeded! While we were planning it, we weren’t sure we would get a full 8 teams. At max, it looked like we were going to only get 6 teams. But, not only did we have a great turnout of about 100 people we also got two new teams! In total, we got teams from 5 different prefectures: Niigata, Toyama, Fukushima, Fukui, and Gunma. We had people come to watch from Yamagata as well. Most importantly, we raised 50,000 yen for the Niigata Chapter of the Japanese Red Cross Society. The tournament itself went very smoothly and we didn’t run into any issues in terms of time management. It was a great tournament overall and definitely one I will not forget.

NIIB Tournament2

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