2020 Mar 16, Coronavirus


We’re now in mid-March and the coronavirus pandemic rages on. At first being in Japan was kind of unnerving. Face masks were selling out. Not a big deal to me really, as someone who doesn’t believe in them. Stuff started to get real when the toilet paper rumor was spread via one person on Twitter, who basically influenced the entire country to suddenly hoard their toilet paper. About the same time this was happening, I found myself actually running out of toilet paper, so that was an interesting run. Shortly after I bought this pack below (and bragged about it to all of my friends because LOOK AT IT) the shelves went bare.






All events I am involved with have been cancelled, even smaller ones like my weekly English conversation hour. Daily work has gone on as normal, if not a little less busy now that I don’t have any more cancellation announcements to translate. Schools are closed, but this doesn’t affect me much. What is interesting is seeing how that has been sensationalized in Western media. Japanese schools run on the year-round system, and the new school year begins in April. Closing schools for an entire month in March is really just like adding another two weeks of vacation to their year-end break.


Looking back at how things have progressed, it’s quite funny. I had family urging me to come home, especially when Niigata prefecture got their first cases. They were all far from Tokamachi, so I was not and still am not worried. At heart I have always been an introverted only child so I am fine with being home long periods of time if needed.

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