Garbage Disposal Guidelines


Please follow the information provided on this page when disposing of your household garbage. Garbage that is put out for collection incorrectly may either remain uncollected or be returned to your home.

Garbage Disposal at Your Local Collection Point


There are garbage collection points in each neighborhood in Tokamachi City. After correctly separating garbage by type, take it to your nearest garbage collection point by 08:30 am on the day specified by your garbage calendar. There are specific garbage bags for landfill waste and burnable garbage which are available to buy at supermarkets and home centers. Other types of garbage do not require bags, and are instead simply put into the blue baskets at the garbage collection point.

Please make sure to use the bags shown below when disposing of burnable garbage (left) and landfill waste (right):


How to Separate Garbage Correctly

Please refer to the following if you are unsure where to dispose of an article of garbarge:

Burnable Garbage(PDF:91.6KB)

Landfill Waste(埋立てごみ)(PDF:97.2KB)

Papers (紙類)(PDF:76.2KB)

White Trays (白色トレー)(PDF:65.1KB)

Plastics (プラスチック類)(PDF:73.9KB)

Glass Bottles (ガラス瓶)(PDF:69.1KB)

Steel, Aluminum (鉄・アルミ類)(PDF:109.6KB)


If you are still unsure as to what category an article of garbage falls into, you can use the item searcher found through the link below:

This link will take you to a read-only version of a Google Docs link that is being updated regularly. Should you have further questions about anything else related to the garbage system here, feel free to email the Tokamachi City Coordinator for International Relations at If you have a photo of the item in question please attach it along with your email!


Understanding Your Garbage Collection Calendar

Garbage disposal days difer by each region of Tokamachi City. Your garbage collection calender indicates month-by-month the collection days for each type of garbage. The following PDF provides a brief explanation of how to read your garbage collection calendar:

Understanding Your Garbage Collection Calendar(PDF:554.8KB)

Disposing of Garbage at the Garbage Station

garbage station

In the case that you need to either quickly dispose of household garbage, or dispose of a large volume of household garbage, you can bring it to the Tokamachi Eco Clean Center for disposal.


Tokamachi Eco Clean Centre
Address 2-915 Ushi, Tokamachi City, Niigata
Opening Hours 8:45AM to 5PM, Monday to Saturday
Closures and Holidays Sundays, national hokidays, Dec31-Jan3
Cost (burnable garbage and landfill waste) 350yen for garbage weighing up to 50kg, 70yen per 10kg over 50kg. (Please note that burnable garbage and landfill waste will be weighed and charged individually)
Cost (all other types of garbage) free


  • Please correctly separate garbage, and use the official Tokamachi City garbage bags when needed.
  • Please understand that there are certain instances where the center will be unable to accept your garbage.
  • There is a special station at the facility for old clothes.
Tokamachi City Hall
General Affairs Department
Policy Planning Division
Public Relations Section

3-3 Chitose-cho, Tokamachi City,
Niigata, JAPAN 〒948-4635

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