2018 Nov 30, The 16th NIIB Tournament


Posted: 30 November 2018
Author: Amanda Marble

Niigata Basketball Tournament


One of the events I do as a CIR is the Niigata in the Inaka International Basketball Tournament. This event is designed to bring together Japanese people and other expats for a few friendly games of basketball, no skills needed. We have had people come to Tokamachi from as far as Shizuoka prefecture just to play ball!

I did not play, opting instead to handle the more administrative tasks, but I really enjoyed watching the teams! There was a sense of camaraderie between even the opposing athletes and it was refreshing to see such friendly, yet skilled matches.

In the end, the winning team was the Gunma Dark Horses. The championship game was a close one so that made it even more exciting! The next tournament will be held in June next year, so please reach out to us if you’d like more information.


Photo by Andy Siripismai

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Photo by Andy Siripismai

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Photo by Andy Siripismai