2019 Feb 28, 70th Snow Festival


The 70th Tokamachi Snow Festival

Posted: 28 February 2019

Author: Amanda Marble




Saturday was another day of interpreting for Mr. Sleeuwagen, as we held a beautiful reception for guests to the snow festival. This was my first time interpreting in front of so many people and I was nervous as hell, but I survived and it was a great experience. Mr. Sleeuwagen was also able to participate in a sake ceremony called kagamiwari. This tradition dates back to the Edo period and involves breaking open the lid of a sake barrel with a wooden mallet.



In spite of my busy weekend I was able to go out and participate in some events. I witnessed the Tsumarian Ball Championship, where several teams play volleyball in the snow. Even though it was cold everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun! I even got to experience some of the well-known Tokamachi hospitality when one of the team tents offered me some of their hot udon soup. I also got to view the Tokamachi Kimono Queen Contest and see all of the beautiful kimonos.




It was an amazing weekend and I can’t wait for the next snow festival!

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